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Clinical Director

Scott Anderson is the clinical director of Addiction Recovery care of Tampa, a licensed outpatient treatment facility specializing in substance abuse and mental health since 2000. Mr. Anderson has uniquely extensive experience providing substance abuse and mental health treatment to a diverse variety of populations including children, adults and geriatric clients, spanning over 23yrs. Mr. Anderson also has extensive education and training in the areas of psychology, education, substance abuse and mental health, qualifying him as an expert in his field. Mr. Anderson has utilized his superior training and knowledge base to create state of the art treatment techniques and program milieu for his facility
Treatment focus is on the resolution of underlying, unresolved issues that are causing symptoms of dysfunction, through insight oriented and cognitive behavioral therapy. Educational components focus on learning new functional coping strategies as well as healthy living skills to create and maintain a long term successful way of life.
Mr. Anderson has been featured several times on local new broadcasts as a behavioral expert ranging from addiction to depression and anxiety and was the featured guest speaker for the Florida prescription abuse task force meeting in May, 2017 (the bio physiology of opiate addiction and best practices and procedures)

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